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Online Network

  • Driving Referrals

    Our online network is our main tool for supporting and enhancing our event network, but it offers so much more than event management guidance and access to leaderboards.

  • By registering and creating a club page, pros gain access to our event management platforms. They may choose to participate in our National competition, or just run a one-off event at their club. When a club pro purchases shots to sell to members, their club is automatically eligible to participate in our National Event, the World's Largest Closest to the Pin Competition and Grow Your Golf Business
  • When club members register and create a profile they can easily connect with their club pro and fellow members, access leaderboards and follow other happenings at their club. Members can also connect with golfers from other clubs in the area as well as golfers with similar interests across the country.

    Growing Your Golf Business Community

    Golf 4 Millions offers original and effective solutions for golf clubs and professionals. The industry is evolving, and we want to help clubs and their members embrace change while upholding the traditions that make golf great.

    Driving Referrals

    You want to invest your time and effort where you know you will find your best prospects and more customer referrals. That is why you invest a lot in building your audience, developing your relationships, connecting on social media, and building your email list.
    You are doing all those things to achieve one goal: To keep your golf course business healthy by constantly adding new members and guests. But how, exactly, will you find those best prospects?
    One of the best ways to find them is to enlist your existing customers to find them for you.

    #1: Create an Online Community: @ its Free!

    Golf 4 Millions online community is a place where your customers can connect with each other and talk about their interests – and their successes.

    ■ It’s also a place where they can find recognition and engagement – either directly from
    you, or from their fellow community members.
    ■ If you provide a good experience, they will invite their friends and colleagues to join
    your community.
    ■ By sending a cold email, you become an unannounced or unexpected guest.
    ■ And, the chance that you will get a customer from that type of strategy is very low.
    ■ Instead of working hard to get the attention of someone who doesn’t know you, make
    better use of your time by nurturing your existing relationships with your existing
    ■ Once you do, getting referrals from your existing relationship with your customers will
    become easier because you will be perceived as a welcome guest.

    #2: Be a Welcome Guest

    Think about how many cold emails you receive every day. If you had the chance, you would only check emails that come from people you know, like and trust – people who you consider as welcome guests in your inbox.

    #3: Establish an Ongoing Relationship: Winning Closest to the Pin!

    Many Golf Clubs and Courses are focused on making the first sale to a new guest. Once they complete that sale, they just move on to the next one. By doing that, you ignore the lifetime value of your customer. This is a huge mistake!
    ■ Your ultimate goal is an ongoing relationship with your guest/customers that brings value to them, and referrals to you.

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    Growing Your Golf Business Community
    If your guests/customers perceive real value in your relationship, they will share that with their peers.
    And you will profit from the power of word-of-mouth recommendations.
    You need to have your outcome in mind: It’s a long-term relationship, not a one-off transaction.
    Build your relationship by offering your current clients great value.
    This could be exclusive previews of new products - Golf 4 Millions favourite is an invite only Golf Tutorial, an opportunity for your Golf Professionals to perform a demonstration and get to meet and develop relationships with a few prospective lesson customer’s - a 45 minute interactive demo by 2, 3 or 4 of your pros will deliver lot of conversation and several new lesson clients, a blog post you’ve written that targets a particular problem, or even just a shout-out in your emails or social media.
    Whichever way you choose to provide value, do it consistently, and often.
    Do not fall into the trap of selling in every other email that you send to your list.
    The consequences of this strategy are simple: you only get a one-time sale and a high rate of unsubscribers from your client base list.
    This is about holding the relationships as sacred as they deserve to be.
    The result will be repeated guest visits and lessons and revenue from the same customer, and most importantly, you will be the first person your customer thinks of when someone they know wants a round of golf a lesson or a tournament facility.

    #4: Ask for Referrals: when a customer comes to register their shot distance.

    Did you know that each of your guests / customers has the potential of referring 50 other customers? How many do you think they would refer of their own volition? Even if they had an extraordinary experience with you, only a few of your customers will refer business to you on their own.
    ■ Increasing this number is all about asking your customers to refer you.
    ■ Remember that a prospect from a referral is 90% sold on you and your course.
    ■ The best strategy we’ve found to ask for referrals is to give your best customers
    something valuable that they can, in turn, give away to their friends. (one free shot in
    Golf 4 Millions competition is a great one!)
    ■ Trust me, most of them will give it to their friends!
    ■ This strategy works because your customers don’t want to feel selfish, so they share
    with their friends. And for you, it’s a way to ask for referrals without asking.

    #5: Communicate with Your Customers After the Transaction: everyone who reports their distance in the pro shop becomes eligible

    The most important things for humans are: feeling important, feeling appreciated and feeling respected. Your customers are no different. Every member and guest has a bonafide chance to be closest on one of your par three’s, one or two weeks each year! The biggest reason a customer switches to another course is not the price, or better is NEGLECT.
    ■ Your customer wants to feel appreciated and not taken for granted. ■ Your customers are the core of your business.
    ■ Build your business around them, get them in the community.

    Growing Your Golf Business Community
    ■ Make your customers feel important by rewarding them for doing business with you or by asking them their opinions in a survey on Golf 4 Millions survey platform
    ■ Communicate with them on a regular basis not only to sell, but also to educate and add value to them.
    ■ Always consider their needs and desires when you are planning a new product.
    ■ Your members/ guests are your most important assets.
    ■ Treat them as VIPs, and they will be YOUR best assets to get referrals.