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Freedom Cup

The Freedom Cup
The Golf 4 Millions Freedom Cup

The Freedom Cup exhibition event and related programs were created by Golf 4 Millions and MCC Partners to create an international platform and a voice for unity to drive progress. Golf 4 Millions drive to celebrate amateur athletes and provide a platform for teams and maintain our approach to insure everything we undertake benefits all of our participants and partners while benefiting the community.

How one plus one very often equals 3+

In this era of ongoing challenges and change and our extraordinary potential as we endeavour towards dreams of singularity, empower yourself and empower others by combining forces with everyone in your community and your world to move only forward. In each city, state, nation, continent and indeed in our entire world - in the private sector as well as government citizens at all levels, we need the capabilities and brainpower of every single citizen. The full and complete participation of women on all stages and in all organizations is crucial to both the strength and advancement of our world. Join us as we strive to educate women in every corner of the globe and as we place them on every stage to shine as a beacon of opportunity to all people in an example of teamwork, co-operation and success.

History has shown us clearly, the faster you educate all people to work together the faster your society improves and develops and the more jobs created and opportunity created for all. Women everywhere need to be inspired to take the stage and embrace their accomplishments as an example for both men and women everywhere.

The biggest threat to innovation is internal politics and an organizational culture, which doesn’t accept failure and/or doesn’t accept ideas from outside, and/or cannot change.

From The Beatles’ music to the Wright Brothers’ first flight around the world, genius often emerges from the collision of two or more brilliant creative minds. Ask any creative—collaboration helps us see new angles, build upon our ideas, and counterbalance our weaknesses.

Physiology: Male athletes have a higher ratio of muscle mass to body weight, which allows for greater speed and acceleration. ... However, when you factor out the larger muscle mass in men and compare muscular strength relative to cross-section area of muscle, the strength of male and female athletes is nearly equal.

The amateur who lands closest on each par 3 hole at your club each week is eligible to advance to our regionals.
The amateur qualifier who lands their tee shot closest to the pin on the shortest Par 3 hole at each Regional Competition wins a new car and advances to our National Finals. The Pro qualifier who lands their tee shot closest to the pin on a designated Par 3 hole wins a new Rolex watch.

The Competition

Contact Mark Slipp for more information.

Club Community and Corporate Competitions:

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Regional Competitions:

National Finals:
Regional Competition winners advance to the National Finals!

Local Businesses – Build long-term partnerships with community businesses also looking to gain exposure. Businesses are constantly seeking new more effective advertising vehicles.

Media – Clubs Communities and Corporations benefit from increased media exposure through unique event structure and substantial prizes.

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