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  1. What is Golf 4 Millions?
    There are two major components that make up Golf 4 Millions:
    a) The Competition – Annual National Closest to the Pin Competition

    b) The Network – A comprehensive golf networking platform used to support and facilitate the Program on the ground.

    a) The Competition
    Golf 4 Millions is a nationwide Closest to the Pin competition. Golfers compete for millions in prizes. Golf clubs benefit from increased revenue, higher levels of member traffic and community engagement.

    Both pros and amateurs can win significant prizes by advancing through the Golf 4 Millions Competition.

    Competitions are hosted at participating clubs across the country, with each club eventually yielding at least one amateur winner. The Club Competition winner(s) advance to the Regional Competition (10 in total), and from the Regional Competition, 10 National Final qualifiers are decided.

    The annual National Final is held in Orlando, FL, where the 10 Amateur qualifiers each take one shot to win the prize pool accumulated through the season’s shot sales.
    The Club Level Competition is hosted and run by Pros at their own clubs, however Pros are also given incentive for advancement and reward.

    Clubs that sell more than 500 shots may send one Pro to represent them in their Regional Pro-Am tournament. The Pro who lands their tee shot closest to the pin on the designated hole at the Regional Competition wins a significant prize and advances to the national competition.

    To level the playing field between clubs of different sizes, Golf 4 Millions is also offering Pros advancement to the Regional Competition through various engagement challenges. These include things like submissions of business ideas for improving member engagement at clubs and brief video submissions of your best golf instruction. (E.g. video submission of the week, as voted by Golf 4 Millions members).

    b) The Network
    The Golf 4 Millions Nationwide Closest to the Pin Competition is supported by the Golf 4 Millions online network. Personal profiles, club pages (created and updated by club pros), content submission contests, teaching videos and golf news are among our network’s features.

    Our online network supports the Competition by offering up to date standings through national and local leaderboards and news updates. It is a place for participants to gather and exchange advice and stories, as well as support their club’s advancement through to the National Final.

    It is not a requirement, however, to be a participant in the Competition to be part of the online network. We welcome all users from all parts of the world – if you’re a golfer, please join us and celebrate the game we all love!

  2. How will it benefit my club?
    Clubs offering the Golf 4 Millions Competition to their members have the opportunity to gain recognition on a national and even international level. Even if a member or pro does not advance past the Regional portion of the competition, the club still gains positive recognition and media coverage locally, which is invaluable to any business.

    Most importantly, however, your club benefits through coming together in support and celebration of their pro and each other. The competition and the collective interest they share in one of their own advancing through a national competition provides a renewed sense of camaraderie and club pride among members.

    Additionally, your club generates and strengthens connections throughout the community, which are also invaluable. Partnering with local businesses and charities builds community spirit and is beneficial for both parties. The Golf 4 Millions Program helps forge and reinforce these connections so they become solid and long-lasting.

  3. How will it benefit me?
    Individually, participants have countless opportunities to win a range of significant prizes such as cars and large purses of cash!

    Incredible prizes aside, registering with Golf 4 Millions is fun! You gain instant access to our comprehensive golf networking site, where you can browse and share golf resources with like-minded golf lovers, contribute ideas and make new connections in the golf world (and rekindle existing ones!) As a club pro, the benefit is exponential growth for your business and increased engagement with your members and community.

    Golf 4 Millions promotes growing the game of golf through celebrating your pro and joining together as a global golf community (friendly competition included, of course!)

  4. How can I participate?
    You can join the Golf 4 Millions network anytime – it only takes 5 minutes to get started! Simply “register now” and follow the quick, easy steps. You don’t have to complete your profile right away – we’ll remind you later of the things you may have missed.

    To participate in the Golf 4 Millions National Closest to the Pin Competition, Golf Pros simply need to create a personal and club profile and purchase a minimum of 100 shots to sell at their club.

    Amateur golfers can search our club database to find a club in their area that is offering shots, or they can talk to their Pro about getting their club involved!

  5. How do I join my Club online?
    If your pro has registered your club and created a club page on Golf 4 Millions, you can join the club page to stay informed on the competition and other club events, interact with fellow club members and share information or encouragement on the club’s message board.

    Your Pro or another club representative is in charge of the club page, and must verify your request to join the club as well as any content you submit for publication on the page.

  6. What if I belong to more than one club?
    If you belong to more than one Golf Club, you may join both or all of the golf clubs you belong to on the Golf 4 Millions club pages network. There is no limit to the number of club pages you may belong to, providing the pro recognizes you as a member, associate or friend of the club.
  7. How can I stay informed about upcoming events and contests
    The best way to stay informed about upcoming events and contests is to register with Golf 4 Millions and choose to receive news and notifications from us. You can filter the notifications to only include subjects of interest to you.

    It is also helpful to join you club’s page to stay informed on anything that is happening at the club level.

  8. How do I know who is closest to the pin each week at my club?
    If your club is participating in the Golf 4 Millions National Closest to the Pin Competition, your Pro will update the leaderboard on your club when appropriate. You can also check out the national leaderboard on our home page!
  9. I've just won a challenge! How do I collect my prize?
    There are many ways to win with Golf 4 Millions, and therefore many ways to collect prizes:
    Online Network Challenge or Giveaway: If you are the winner of one of our online contests, we will contact you directly and arrange for prize delivery.

    Club Competition: If you win a prize through a Club Competition, you may arrange collection with the Pro at that club.

    Regional Competition: If you win a prize at a Regional Competition, your Golf 4 Millions Regional Manager will be in attendance to assist you in arranging prize collection that is convenient for you. If you win a car, a representative from the dealership will arrange delivery.

    National Final: If you are a winner at the Golf 4 Millions National Final, there will be Golf 4 Millions staff and representatives in attendance to arrange prize delivery.

  10. Why does Golf 4 Millions celebrate pros?
    Our primary objective is to be a friend to the golf community, and that includes celebrating golf pros and those who support them. For most people, a golf club is a place to play golf, but also to unwind, socialize, have a drink and relax. This is part of what sets golf apart from other games. It’s not just about the sport itself – it’s about the sense of camaraderie and character that only time spent at a golf club can create.

    Club and teaching pros often work incredibly long hours to ensure all of their members are happy. They act not only as pro shop managers and tournament directors, but as maintenance staff, restaurant advisers, bartenders, mentors, and friends. They are the ultimate hosts, always striving to create a relaxing environment, and often not stopping to relax themselves.

    At Golf 4 Millions we want to recognize and celebrate how carefully this environment is crafted and maintained for us. It comes from generations of golf professionals who dedicate their careers to upholding the cherished traditions of golf while simultaneously striving to find ways to keep the game modern and attractive to younger generations.